The Ivory Arcanum

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The Ivory Arcanum Empty The Ivory Arcanum

Post by Alyksandrei on Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:23 pm

LocationEast of Sanctuary Square and the merchant district, on the North side of the Misty River, on the East end of the arcane ward. Neighboring it are the manor of the archwizard of Kay, director of the Arcanum, and the home of the dwarven inventor and tinkerer, Darbock Ironblood.
DescriptionThe Arcanum is a complex of 8 large manors, each a research institute for a different school of magic. Each institute has been physically altered to correspond to their research subject and the 8 buildings are positioned in an inscribed magic circle surrounding a tower of transmuted Ivory that reaches 100 feet into the air where the director's lab is located.     

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