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Post by Alyksandrei on Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:13 am

The game takes place in the world of Novius, during the Age of Rebirth.

After the near complete destruction of the Old World during The Tribulation, those who survived the initial disaster boarded great ships called "Arks of Civilization", and set sail for a new home. Of the 100 ships that departed the Old World, only the Ultima and the Umbra arrived on the continent of Kelderon. First the Ultima, and then the Umbra landed on the shores of the Misty Bay and of what is today the bustling town of Harbor. The calendar in use today in Harbor commemorates the arrival of the Ultima upon the shores of Kelderon as the first day of the first year of the Age of Rebirth.

Upon arrival in this new continent, the first thing the settlers noticed is that both the land and sea seem to be covered in a thick fog that only rarely lets up. Not soon after, they also realized that the nights are unnaturally long in length, as if some sort of magic swallowed the light of the sun up for half of what should be day time. As time went by, the settlers attempted to explore further inland, but found nothing but abandoned ruins and deadly creatures that stalked the dense woods. Clearly there had been some sort of ancient kingdom, but all that remained of its history now lie lost and forgotten, protected by fearsome beasts. Finding no beasts that resembled the domesticated animals of the old world, the settlers of Harbor had to rely on a combination of harvest and fishing to produce their food, and for a long while those methods alone were sufficient.

After a brief period of unrest, and a fire that burned down half of the old town of Harbor, it was able to grow steadily for nearly 300 years in a time of relative peace and quiet. Harbor developed as a Democratic Republic, where once a year, each of the seven districts would elect a representative, a Scion, who would voice the concerns of their constituents to the rest of the government. The 7 members of the council are the Scion of the Gods, the Scion of the Arts, the Scion of the Magi, the Scion of the Seas, the Scion of Stone, the Scion of Coin, and the Scion of the Land. Since Harbor had no neighboring armies to contend with, and the creatures of the forest remained within their territory, no army was formed, only a town guard to maintain the peace. Over time, as food gathering became more efficient, some citizens began practicing a craft and trading for food, instead of growing it themselves. As their numbers grew, these artisans created guilds to bargain collectively for the sake of their livelihoods, as well as regulating the quality of products that were crafted.

The idea of having a guild became popular and soon most groups had guilds where those who shared interest in a craft could come together to cooperate and improve. The development of crafts also necessitated the creation of a currency, in order to facilitate trade for nonessential goods. The currency set in place was based on precious metals coins, each valued at 10 times the worth of the previous tier. The development of currency led to a protocapitalist economy, which in turn led to the division of wealth within the populace. This inequality inevitably left some citizens bereft of power or status, and so they turned to illicit venues in order to sustain
themselves and their family. These men and women took part in an underground economy that thrived alongside Harbor, and provided much of the earthly pleasures that would otherwise be lacking under the jurisdiction of the law. The roots of these illicit organizations took root in the South East district of Harbor, and flourished in what is presently known as the adventurer's ward. All factions within Harbor coexisted harmoniously for many years, and through cooperation they all propelled the rapid growth of Harbor.

The lasting peace was disturbed in the year 289 when suddenly the fish disappeared from the deep waters of the Sea of New Hope, near Harbor. As a result, the ships have had to go farther out to see than ever before, and after a while, fewer ships started returning.The lack of fish posed Harbor with a new problem, find a new source of food or suffer famine. Up to this point, the danger of the wilds had quashed much desire to explore this new continent, and most were content to sustain themselves with the methods that had proved effective. Now, with these methods beginning to falter, the leaders of harbor looked to the wilds with hope that somewhere within lay the answer to this new problem. This led to declaration 1009 by the Seven Scions. The declaration said "From this day, henceforth we shall seek to establish a society of explorers and adventurers, in order to tame the 
wilds of Kelderon and discover any resources that may help to continue to prosperity of Harbor". Since that declaration, a few brave souls have stepped forth to become the vanguard of civilization, symbols of hope in the minds and hearts of the people.

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