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Post by Rich on Sat Aug 19, 2017 3:19 pm

Baldar Stoneheart
Hill Dwarf
Age: 20

Baldar's grandparents were among the passengers of the great ship that carried Harbor's founding citizens across the great water, away from destruction and death. By the time Baldar was born in Harbor, only one of his grandparents remained: his father's father, Grimdok Stoneheart. Grimdok spent his final years raising Baldar alongside Baldar's parents. Baldar took to the ancient dwarf almost immediately and they formed a bond much stronger than Baldar had with either of his parents.

Grimdok told Baldar the stories of Grimdok's father and grandfathers. How they were great warriors and leaders amongst the hill dwarves. But he also told Baldar the story of their downfall. The hill dwarves never built fortresses in the mountains like the mountain dwarves did. They didn't have the legendary dwarven strongholds to protect them from the coming evil. Nor did they have the strength of the dwarven crown and clans to protect them. Long lost were the ancient dwarven traditions in the hill dwarven culture. Grimdok said that the reason the hill dwarves were among the first to be obliterated by the evils that consumed the lands was because they strayed from dwarven tradition. They lived like tall folk and paid a heavy price.

Eventually, Grimdok passed into the next life, leaving only his stories to Baldar. But the impression was made. Baldar swore on his grandfather's grave to make the dwarves great once more. He would carve out mighty fortresses in the mountains of this new land one day and fill them with the mightiest dwarven warriors on the continent, all united under his solitary rule.


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