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The Drunken Gorgon Empty The Drunken Gorgon

Post by Alyksandrei on Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:42 am

The local watering hole for the newly-formed Adventurer's Guild, the Drunken Gorgon is where much of the in-town happenings take place. The bartender, a man named Toome, has a tale about a Gorgon who bested him, forcing him to retire as an adventuring type. He does understand the urge, however, and this attitude has made the place popular among scouts, rangers, and other wandering wilderness folk.

In an adventurers district known for its resident nymph, a beautiful daughter of the sea named Ames. The street outside is lined with street vendors hawking swords and daggers.
DescriptionThe inn is a single story stone-walled building, with dwarf-wrought iron tables and chairs. It is exceptionally clean, and well lit by a few magical torches. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and straw mattresses.
InnkeeperThe innkeeper is a willowy male human named Gerald Toome. He is a retired soldier, and keeps an arsenal of weapons in a secure locker. He once had an unpleasant run-in with a Gorgon in the nearby vicinity and it forced his early retirement. He has held a grudge against the creature and hopes one of his patrons will take it down one day.

    1. Roasted Sausage and Dried Onion, Tankard of Beer (8 cp)

    2. Salted Boar and Barley Biscuits, Tankard of Stout (10 cp)

    3. Vegetable Stew, Mug of Perry (4 cp)

    4. Roasted Goose and Wheat Bread, Tankard of Stout (8 cp)

    5. Pickled Grouse and Blue Cheese, Tankard of Stout (11 cp)

    6. Oat Porridge, Mug of Beer (3 cp)


    1. Raffin: Male Halfling Fighter. Raffin is rough in appearance, with matted silver hair and amber eyes. He is studious and truthful.

    2. Sige: Male Human Fighter. Sige is heavyset, with thick red hair and narrow green eyes. He wears banded mail and wields a two-handed sword.

    3. Svasti Randison: Male Dwarf Assassin. Svasti has silver hair and dark hazel eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a long sword and darts.

    4. Aseg: Female Dwarf Ranger. Aseg has golden hair and sharp blue eyes, and wears glasses with iron rims. She wears scale mail and wields a battle axe.

    5. Beatrey: Female Halfling Paladin. Beatrey is heavyset, with short brown hair and bright hazel eyes.

    6. Syther: Male Human Assassin. Syther has a square face, with thin blonde hair and hazel eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a short sword and dagger. Syther is fair and pious.


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