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Goblin Uprising  Empty Goblin Uprising

Post by Morinoonna on Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:11 pm

@Brerik wrote:
Nick F. 

"Scouts have noticed heavy goblin activity on Lonepeak island. Not only are the goblins active, but they seem organized (as organized as goblins can be) and even more surprisingly have been seen fighting the hobgoblins.

So far as we've seen Goblins have worked at least loosely with hobgoblins, but now they seem at odds. It appears someone, or something, is organizing them and pitting them against the hobs, and with some success."

An updated memo is attached to the original posting:

During our recent trip over to Lonepeak, we met with a goblin deserter named Rixtak. He informed us that the goblins were being united under the power of an evil goblin named Tez'sun (mind you, 'evil' was the goblin's own description, so I imagine that's definitely a source of concern) who was somehow gaining power from eating other goblins. Rixtak requested our aide in getting rid of Tez'sun before he became too powerful, and also noted that Tez'sun /hates/ fire and goes through great lengths to avoid it. Given how powerful and disturbingly well-trained the goblin forces seem to be so far, we'll need a strong party to attempt to infiltrate and get rid of this threat before it gets too far out of hand.

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