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Mírvimenel Elf_fe10
Name: Mírvimenel
     Goes by: Ixal, Mírë to a select few
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Scout
Appearance: Short, slight, easy to overlook, Ixal tends to wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in that blends in to the wilderness. If asked to describe her, most would have a hard time remembering details beyond "short, dark, shadowy".

Backstory: Ixal is one of few dozen of her tribe to have survived the crossing. There is only a handful of her clan left, and no family closer than second cousins remaining from old world. She was a scout and hunter for her clan in the old world; ended up effectively (but not officially) joining the scouts of Harbor shortly after arrival. She reports almost exclusively to Arosh (in person), but turns in written reports to scout headquarters - mostly without being noticed, and only when she finds something big to report.

Personality: Ixal prefers her own company, or that of people who understand the value of silence, to crowds of people. Preferring heights (treetops, rooftops, flight, etc.), she will climb on furniture or into the rafters when she feels crowded or uncomfortable. She prefers not to be noticed, so rarely talks or interacts with others until and unless she considers them friends.

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