Communal Pool for Outfitting and Preparation (CPOP)

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Communal Pool for Outfitting and Preparation (CPOP) Empty Communal Pool for Outfitting and Preparation (CPOP)

Post by Alyksandrei on Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:57 pm

Roque S.

Brothers and Sisters of the Adventurers Guild, I come to you with a proposition. Those who are not interested in participating need not be concerned but to those who would like to provide a better environment for the growth of this guild and for the survival of its members, please heed my words and join me in this glorious new step towards a new future.

In the effort to provide proper outfitting for all new members to the guild, and all those in need of financial assistance for the necessities, we will create a bank account under the name of CPOP, that shall be managed by an impartial 3rd party (Toome - owner of the Drunken Gorgon and Alexis - Guildarm and representative of the government administrative branch to the adventurer's guild). This bank account shall be used to make sure that all members who have gone on at least 1 adventure continue to be properly outfitted for all future missions with their weapon of choice and at least one potion of healing, in case of emergencies. Additionally, any members who have not gone on any adventures (excluding the founding members for reasons of funding) are granted a fellowship of 50 gold. Both of these benefits are subject to change in proportion to the funds within the account, and new services may be provided in the future so long as all signatories agree unanimously to the addition of these services. 

In exchange for these services, CPOP requires a signature upon this very document that legally binds members to contribute 25% of the proceeds from their adventure to the pool, as well as any treasure and belongings not left to their family upon their untimely demise. Any who break this agreement are immediately expelled as members of CPOP and legally required to return all benefits obtained from signing as a member of CPOP to itself, subject to garnishment of wages from quest rewards until the debt has been cleared.

All who sign this document (Forum thread) are hereby in agreement to these terms and conditions and wish to sign on as members of CPOP.

To the equality and prosperity of all.

Signed By:
Amerigo Zeppeli

Leon T. 

"Well I'm here mostly to do my research, but I'm also trying to keep as many of you alive for as long as I can, so why not? Sign me up." 

Signed by:
Levi Tombcaller


"Im interested on where this movement going to go so sign me up as well"

 signed by
Lavar kitrice

Kathy S.

A half-elven fighter quips in, "I'm not signing anything, but sure, I'll donate at least. Neutral "

Keela contributes:
1 Light crossbow (3lb)
20 bolts (1.5 lb)
1 crowbar (5 lb)
1 hammer (3 lb)
10 pitons (0.25 lb each)
1 city map
108 gp & 8 sp


A broad-shouldered Half Elf wearing the garb of Harbor's Blacksmith's Guild enters the Drunken Gorgon. He orders a mug of ale and studies the sign introducing the CPOP, nodding in silent agreement, mumbling to himself: "Similar programs have been done by artisans' unions and have contributed to the wealth of all participants." He borrows a quill from the Innkeep...

signed by
Ostar Oakleaf


After returning from Sunstrider Island, Ostar contributes 12 gp and 5 sp to the pool.

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