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Lorenzo Tomàs, Musical Prodigy Empty Lorenzo Tomàs, Musical Prodigy

Post by Leon T on Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:33 am

Name: Lorenzo Tomàs
Class: Not a bard. Not even kidding. Smile
Class (okay really): He may or may not be a Rogue...
Race: Human
Appearance: Standing just over average height, with bright blond, almost white hair, dark brown eyes, and a smile that strikes chords (heh) within your heart, heads definitely turn when he enters a room.
Background info: This is a whole new character starting from level 1. Levi is still my main character (hopefully for a lot longer!), but this character is just for me to play with some ideas, and help fill up our lowbie games when needed hehe...

Introduction Story

A stranger’s voice and a stranger’s smile,
She looks at me and I stare for a while,
I see her in a dress as white as the aisle,
My jaw lays slack, enraptured by her style.
With his voice and viol echoing throughout the room, the young man with bright, near-white hair is greeted with cheers and cries of praise. A symphony of string instruments echoes throughout the room in accordance to his own singing and playing: from the crystal resonance of harps and lyres to the deeper undertones of cellos and bass, yet only the one man stands center stage. With expert skill, he finishes his song with a flourish of his bow, sending a flurry of sound from the viol, accompanied by the ghostly orchestra’s embellished closure. The man smiles, and bows.

He calls to the crowd, “Thank you! Thank you all so much for your hospitality! Please, be generous with your tips, and the mistress of luck shall be by your side! And oh, do remember the name. Lorenzo Tomàs. I’ll be here for you lovely ladies and gents much more often from here on out!”

He winks at a table of ladies close by, and then proceeds to start packing up.

Why didn’t I come here earlier? These people are complete idiots! They'll never notice a thing!

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