Beriana Ilierieth, half-sun elf paladin

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Beriana Ilierieth, half-sun elf paladin Empty Beriana Ilierieth, half-sun elf paladin

Post by Nicova2010 on Sun Jan 28, 2018 4:33 pm

Beriana Ilierieth

Appearance:  Fiery redhead with soft facial features and white eyes. 5’8” tall with a muscular athletic build.

A generation after Harbor being established, a young elven maiden living on the poor side of town was raped by a human knight.  Melwen saught to bring justice to her attacker, but with her word against his, a knight’s, she failed.  Nine months later, Beriana was born.

Raised by her single elven mother, Beriana was taught from a young age that the morals and honor of the heart are far more important than following the leading of any one man.  After many instances seeing the “good” taking advantage of the poor, Beriana was determined to make a change in the world.  So she trained in weapons and armor, and built up her strength, determined to put into action her mission from Syreth to protect those who cannot protect themselves and to help others see the right in a world full of wrong.


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