The Ultima and the Umbra

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The Ultima and the Umbra Empty The Ultima and the Umbra

Post by Alyksandrei on Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:18 pm

LocationOn the West end by Captain Abasi's memorial, both ships are beached with planks allowing access to the public. Adjacent to the Arcs is Settler's Plaza, a quiet square filled with artists displaying their latest works. The ships are beached just South of the Sunset Anchorage.
DescriptionThe famous Arks that delivered the first settlers to present day Harbor. Nowadays, the ships are beached and the Ultima and the Umbra function as a library and a museum respectively. The Ultima hold the largest collection of non-arcane books in Harbor and the entirety of all knowledge about the old world. The Umbra holds some of the few survived pieces from the Old world, as well as some created by the preeminent artists of Harbor. 

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