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Post by Alyksandrei on Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:24 pm

Syl frowned as she watched the strange vessel approach the shore. She'd come out here to get away from people, and now they were invading again. When would they learn to leave well enough alone?

The people disembarking from the ship were mostly Human, although she could see a few Elves and Dwarves. There were even a few creatures who might be Dragonborn, although she'd never seen one before, as well as several others she couldn't identify. They proceeded to set up camp not far from the bay, unloading a huge number of crates and other large parcels. It seemed this group was here to stay. Damn. She was running out of places to hide.


Except for a few abortive forays into the wilds near the settlement shortly after its initial construction, the settlers generally stayed near their town and seemed content with what they had. The first hundred years or so saw a great deal of growth for the town, expanding with alarming rapidity into the wilds, which Syl watched with wary concern. Once the settlement seemed to reach a stable size, and the settlers stopped sending small expeditions into the wilds, Syl was finally able to relax, confident that the settlers had no intention of intruding on her solitude.

There was a period of uncertainty a few years later, when a second ship arrived with an influx of settlers, destabilizing the town for several years. Syl watched this apprehensively, sure the newcomers would force a group to leave the town and invade her refuge. But the unrest calmed after a massive fire that destroyed large sections of the settlement, and Syl was able to once again ignore the town.

In recent years, the town - city? - has fallen on hard times, with their former fishing waters now devoid of life and the deeper waters too treacherous to travel. Syl has helped where she could without fully revealing herself, herding some of the less aggressive and tastiest creatures toward the borders of the city. She has also, over the centuries, worked to protect the settlers from the dangers of the land, providing a small margin of nearly-safe land near the walls for growing crops, including local species she carefully introduced them to without revealing her presence.

Now that the creatures of the wilds have become even more violent and aggressive, with the more intelligent species banding together into larger forces, Syl has realized that she needs help to protect the city. She has not yet revealed herself, but plans to do so in the near future. All she needs is the right opportunity.


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